Patrick Cooney
-Select Publications

Cooney, PC, and TJ Kwak. 2013. Spatial extent and dynamics of stream impacts on tropical island freshwater fish assemblages. BioScience 63:176-190. PDF of article

Cooney, PC, and TJ Kwak. 2010. Development of standard weight equations for Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico amphidromous fishes. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 30:1203-1209. PDF of article

Cooney, PC. 2012. Climbing the Slippery Slope. Fisheries 37:475. PDF of article

Cooney, PC, and MS Allen. 2006. Effects of introduced groundwater on water chemistry and fish assemblages in Central Florida Lakes. Hydrobiologia 556:279-294. PDF of article

Claussen, JE, PB Cooney, and SR Midway. 2013. Science Communication in a Digital Age: Social Media and the American Fisheries Society. Fisheries 38:359-362. PDF of article

Cooney, PC. 2013. A Southern Revival: Researchers and Young Anglers Contribute to the Revival of Southern Appalachian Trout Fishing. Fisheries 38:358. PDF of article

Midway, SR and PB Cooney. 2013. Membership and Communication: The Dual Benefits of Social Media for AFS. Fisheries 38:382-383. PDF of article

Fishery Population and Habitat Assessment. Departmento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales de Puerto Rico. San Juan, Puerto Rico. 2007. PDF of article

Brandon Peoples
-Select Publications

Peoples, B.K. and E.A. Frimpong. 2012. A snapshot analysis of age distributions of fishes in urban and forested Virginia streams. Urban Ecosystems 15: 927-937. (link)

Peoples, B.K. 2012.  Focus on the positive: how one little fish helps sustain aquatic biodiversity. Fisheries 37: 476. (link)

Pendleton, R.M., J.J. Pritt, B.K. Peoples, and E.A. Frimpong. 2012. The strength of Nocomis nest association contributes to patterns of rarity and commonness in new River, Virginia cyprinids. American Midland Naturalist 168: 203-218. (link)

Peoples, B.K., M.B. Tainer, and E.A. Frimpong. 2011. Bluehead chub nesting activity: a potential mechanism of population persistence in degraded stream habitats. Environmental Biology of Fishes 90: 379-391. (link)

Peoples, B.K. and E.A. Frimpong. 2011. Among-pass, interregional, and single- versus multiple-season comparisons of detection probabilities of stream fishes. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 140: 67-83. (link)

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